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From the vibrant streets of Belgium to the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture, Arbi el Ayachi has always found himself at the intersection of diverse worlds. As a child, it was within these realms that he honed his unique gift: making people learn through laughter. Today, he offers audiences an invitation to this very world, painting vivid pictures of social interactions, sharing humorous insights into the dynamics of race and relationships, and imparting witty commentary on inclusion and Muslim heritage.

Faced with the profound loss of his brother, Arbi channeled his grief into a mission: to heal the world with laughter. His journey, while rooted in personal experiences, resonates universally. Whether you’re navigating two cultures like him or simply observing life’s quirks, Arbi’s comedic lens brings a fresh perspective.

Behind the spotlight, you might be surprised to learn that this stand-up comedian wears the hat of a college professor. In classrooms, just as on stages, Arbi weaves stories that inspire, inform, and, of course, entertain. And when he isn’t making audiences erupt in laughter or enlightening eager minds, he delves into the world of AI, data analysis, and whipping up culinary delights.

Having graced TV projects such as “Muslims like us”, “PANO”, “Arbi et Orbi”, “Rough Justice”, and the movie “Behind the Clouds”, Arbi’s talent is undeniable. Alongside Nabil Benhamida, he co-founded the “Hakims of Comedy”, setting the stage for comedians to share their unique voices and stories.

Although he’s been a runner-up in various comedy awards and has mentored countless comedians, Arbi remains grounded, attributing much of his humility to his Islamic upbringing. But one thing is clear: his comedy, which effortlessly bridges worlds, cultures, and hearts, is truly award-winning.

Join Arbi el Ayachi as he continues to weave stories, challenge perceptions, and, most importantly, fill rooms with the infectious sound of laughter.

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